Scout and Julianna’s Litter

Nine babies from Juliana's Feb 2015 litter. They're just hours old in this picture.

Nine babies from Juliana’s Feb 2015 litter. They’re just hours old in this picture.

UPDATE AS OF February 10, 2015: Liberty Run’s Juliana gave birth to five baby boys and four baby girls on February 5, 2015.  They will be ready to leave our farm and go to their new homes on April 2, 2015.  (Maryland law says puppies go home at 8 weeks of age.)

Babies in this litter are reserved.

This is a repeat breeding – puppies from their previous litter have grown to be calm, healthy, and intelligent. Scout has a tremendous track record of producing very traditional-looking goldens, but most importantly, they’re easy to train.  The babies from this litter will make exceptional companions.

About the parents:

Scout Julianna
OFA, CERF, and SAS clear.
Temperament: A+++
Scout is an ideal male Golden Retriever. He’s calm, intelligent, healthy, and very devoted to his mama (Suzanne).
OFA, CERF, and SAS clear.
Temperament: A+++
Juliana is the smartest dog we’ve ever met (she thinks she’s human). When she’s with you, she just can’t get close enough.  Everyone who visits tends to notice her out of the girls, here.
Scout’s Parents Julianna’s Parents
OFA, CERF, and SAS clear.
Patton has sired only healthy, calm, and intelligent babies.
OFA, CERF, and SAS clear.  One of the calmest, sweetest Goldens ever.




Sorry! We Don’t Keep A Waiting List

Liberty Run's April and her babies.

Liberty Run’s April and her babies.

We do not take deposits before the puppies are born here at Liberty Run.  Why? Because we are not anxious to take your money, and we don’t know how to reserve something that doesn’t exist (yet).

If you’re interested in an upcoming litter, call for an update. We are much better at answering the phone between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. (Eastern or “New York” time) than any other time of day.


Kairos (Jasmine/Scout 3-18-14). Pictures courtesy of Kristen. Thanks for sharing, Kristen!  We love these pictures.

Info about future litters, like anticipated due dates, is posted on our Upcoming Litters page.

Once puppies arrive, reservations are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis and are secured by your non-refundable deposit. We generally begin accepting deposits 48 hours after puppies are born.  If you’ve been calling, we’ll know, and you’ll be able to reserve a “high” pick, like first pick male or female.  We follow this process to help you get the exact puppy you’re looking for.

We’ve been doing it this way for 20 years, and it’s worked every time.

About four days after puppies are born, we announce the litter on our Current Litter Page.

We do not accept more deposits than there are puppies.

When you leave a deposit, you’re encouraged to visit as often as you like (please call us to schedule your visit-time). By visiting, you’ll get to know each of the babies in the litter.

This is the Liberty Run Waiting List Policy.  Thank you for reviewing it.

House-Breaking Your Golden Retriever Puppy


Simba of Liberty Run. Thanks, Rob for sharing the picture! Those puppy-dog eyes are too cute!

We begin the process of House-Breaking Your Golden Retriever Puppy for you. As a result, most families report their new puppies are house broken in less than three days. Because our puppies never had the opportunity to make a “mistake” indoors, it’s very easy for you to take one of our puppies home and house-break him (or her!).

When you visit, we’ll show you how we do it.

Some breeders tout their puppies are “raised in their loving home”. If you think about it, their puppies poopie and peepee in their houses whenever they feel the urge to “go”.  By the time you get one, it’s already conditioned to going potty inside a house.  Unfortunately, “house-breaking” is teaching a puppy how to “hold it”  indoors. Good luck teaching a puppy who is already conditioned to go at-will inside how to “hold it” in your home. You’re going to spend most of your time un-doing all the harm caused by the conditioning already imprinted on their puppies.  Not to mention the puppy’s a little mad at you ’cause you’re not letting it do its business when and where it wants to.

A popular question we get is, “plastic or wire crates?”  Liberty Run recommends plastic kennels because they’re very easy to clean.  If you must go the wire route, we recommend putting a blanket over it.

From time-to-time we do have Golden Retriever Puppies for sale.  When you purchase a puppy from us, we review the house-breaking process and provide written instructions detailing what to do at home.  Plus we’re available as a resource the entire life of your puppy.

A Brief Blurb About The Breeders at Liberty Run

What kind of person breeds Golden Retrievers, you ask?  Well, that’s an interesting question. We do.

The breeders here at Liberty Run Golden Retrievers are Suzanne and Patrick.


Suzanne hates having her picture taken. Getting her to hold still for the camera just doesn’t happen.

Suzanne grew up with dogs all her life.  She can still remember the birthdays of each one she’s ever had (and she’s pretty faithful about reminding Patrick of the dates every year).  To her, they are members of her family.  Of course, she spoils them beyond belief.  But that’s OK because they spoiled her too.

Suzanne attended the University of Maryland at College Park.  As an undergraduate student, she was a member of Alpha Zeta – an honorary service fraternity for men & women pursuing a career in agriculture.  When a junior, she was elected as the fraternity’s vice president.  She was elected to serve as President her senior year.

During her tenure at Maryland, Suzanne worked as a veterinary technician at College Park Animal Hospital.  (She loved it there so much, she worked part time for another three years after earning her degree.)

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, she worked for 6 years doing Toxicology Research on pharmaceuticals, specializing in Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology.

Since December 2000, Suzanne has been a full-time mom to her children.  She home-schools all five. She teaches High School Biology and Chemistry in local home-school co-ops.  In her spare time, she manages the family’s farm, which includes operations of our Golden Retriever kennel, horses, cattle, and chickens.  She also enjoys researching and learning how to improve the life of our family & animals through more natural choices for nutrition and holistic medicine.


Patrick & Vana along with AKC Club Secretary, 1995.

Patrick has been involved in the breeding of dogs, cats, cattle, and horses since he can remember.  It’s something his family’s been doing all his life.

Patrick graduated from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA, where he studied Biology and Psychology.  He was blessed to have been able to attend school thanks to an ROTC Scholarship.  After graduation, he served as an officer in the US Army, and then transferred to the Maryland National Guard.

During the late 80’s, Patrick was an awful yuppie in DC. Fortunately, the country kept calling, and in time the calls grew loud enough.  He gave yuppiedom up and moved to his family’s new farm near Taylorsville. There he managed the family’s 120-run dog kennel, a national and international pet transportation services company, a herding-dog breeding program, a dog-training club, a staff of 20, a herd of cattle, a slew of horses, and a small fleet of farm vehicles.  During this time, he was also a professional dog trainer.

Eager to branch out on his own, Patrick purchased his own farm in 1994.  He did this because he wanted a place to raise and train Golden Retrievers – his favorite breed of dog.  From day one, the mission was clear and consistent: produce calm, intelligent, and healthy Golden Retrievers – ones that make great service dogs and family companions.

Patrick serves as a coach and assistant program director for a travel fast-pitch softball organization for girls ages 8-18.  Both he and Suzanne (and the kids) are very involved in their church.

From time to time, we do have Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Maryland, VA, and Washington DC.

What Else Is Included With My Liberty Run Puppy?


3-day old puppy

Your Liberty Run Golden Retriever Puppy is…

  • Covered by a full, one-year guarantee, in writing.
  • Permanently identified by a microchip.
  • Not inbred or line-bred.
  • Expertly socialized and ready to go home and bond with you.
  • Started on house-breaking.
  • Current on immunizations & de-wormings.
  • Encouraged to take advantage of a special offer. We will provide and administer the full series of puppy boosters at no charge.  (For proper immunization, puppies should have boosters every three or four weeks until they are four months of age.)

Liberty Run’s Butter Cup

With your Golden Retriever puppy, you also receive…

  • Copies of mom and dad’s OFA, CERF, and SAS clearances.
  • A photo of mom and dad.
  • AKC (American Kennel Club) registration papers.
  • A four generation pedigree of your purebred golden retriever puppy.
  • A Health Certificate which shows dates of immunizations your puppy has received and dates of future boosters and wormings that are recommended.
  • Feeding instructions.
  • A general care overview.
  • Crate training instructions.

Upcoming Golden Retriever Puppies

agroup-golden-retriever-parentsLiberty Run’s Pumpkin has been bred. If she conceived, babies would arrive sometime in the beginning of June, 2016.

One of the most frequently asked question is, “when is your next litter?” Great question! Unfortunately it’s very difficult to answer. Why? Read the Did You Know? section just below.

Sorry, we don’t keep a waiting list, send emails, or make calls when babies arrive. We notify you through this website. If you’re interested in our upcoming litter (and we greatly appreciate your interest!), please check back here for the latest info. As soon as we know something, we post it.

Did you know?

A female golden usually comes into “season” once, maybe twice, a year. Unfortunately, there’s no telling when it’s going to happen, and that makes it difficult for us to know when we’ll have puppies in the near future.

The gestation period for doggies is only 61 to 63 days. (It’s so fast, puppies are born before they’re fully developed. Their eyes and ears aren’t open at birth – they’re still developing outside the womb. Pups are, however, born with a fully functioning sense of smell. Pretty cool.)  If one of mommas has been bred, we generally know when to expect new puppies.

Simba - a Golden Retriever Puppy from Liberty RunEvery now and then someone will write us asking something like, “are you planning a litter a year from now?” Good question! Unfortunately we can’t answer it because there’s no knowing when in the future one of our breeding moms will come into season. The best we can tell you is whether or not one of our females has come into season, or whether one has been bred.

Sometimes a female can be bred, become very large by day 61 (as if she really is pregnant), and then no babies come out. This scenario is known as a false pregnancy, and it happens more than you’d want to know. Because it can happen, we DON’T reserve puppies until they’re born. We don’t know how to reserve something that doesn’t exist, and we’re not anxious to take your money.

After we post here that a female has been bred, a popular question we receive is “do you know if she’s pregnant?” It’s a great question but one that’s difficult for us to answer because of false pregnancies. Here’s how we know our moms are pregnant: babies are born about 61 to 63 days after the breeding.  There is a pregnancy pee-test for doggies, but we don’t think it’s worth it, especially since nobody here’s thrilled about holding a pee-stick under a urinating Golden Retriever. Not to mention, it costs $500.00. The way we see it is we can wait the 61 days.

Some may tell you breeders can take a pregnant momma-doggy to the vet’s office for an x-ray. Although it is true, we believe it’s a bad idea. We believe x-rays are harmful to the babies that may be inside the momma dog, and we don’t think it’s wise to expose the momma doggy (and possible babies inside her) to potential viruses floating around the vet’s office. Lastly, pregnant mommas hate being moved – they just wanna stay put.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in our breeding program.  If you have any questions, please ask. It’s always nice to hear from you.

Check out what families who have our puppies say on Facebook. They post lots of updates about us on the Liberty Run Family Group page. A few of the most recent are shown in the column closest to the right. If you’re a FB user, follow this link to the actual page.



Health Clearances for Golden Retrievers

amomma-golden-retriever-nursing-puppiesWhat are the health clearances for Golden Retrievers, and why are they important?

The Golden Retriever breed has been hit pretty hard with hip, elbow, heart, and eye problems, among others. Hip & elbow problems lead to dysplasia.  The heart problem prone to Goldens can cause one to drop dead instantly, usually around 4 to 6 years of age. And the eye problem Goldens are prone to leads to blindness.

To combat these, some breeders have their doggies screened by Veterinary specialists. Orthopedic Specialists use x-rays to examine hip and elbows for dysplasia.  The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) reviews the x-rays and grades an individual dog’s hips & elbows.  There are three passing grades: Excellent, Good, and Fair. And there are three failing grades: Mild, Moderate, and Severe. Results for any doggy may or may not be included in the OFA’s database.

agroup-golden-retriever-parentsCardiologists examine a dog’s heart for tell-tale signs of sub-aortic stenosis (SAS).  Upon examination, a dog is considered SAS Certified if the cardiologist hears no evidence of the condition.  Results for any doggy may or may not be kept in the OFA’s SAS database.

Ophthalmologists examine eyes to see if a dog’s retina is becoming detached from the back of the eyeball. The Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) issues clearances for eyes.  Results for any doggy may or may not be kept in OFA’s CERF database.

The theory goes that by breeding one “cleared” dog to another “cleared” dog, the result will be healthy puppies. Like I said, though, it’s just a theory.  Unfortunately over the course of breeding dogs for forty plus years, we’ve seen instances in other breeding programs when the theory doesn’t work.  And there’s good reason why – genes are tricky things.

ajasmine-n-sampsonThere is, however, a methodology that will produce amazingly healthy and calm puppies with much better frequency than just following the “clearances” theory. We’ve abided by it the whole time we’ve been breeding Golden Retrievers.  If you visit and remember to ask about it, we’ll tell you what it is.

One thing is for certain.  In our forty plus years of breeding, we have never encountered a veterinarian who said inbreeding or line-breeding dogs was a good thing.  In fact, they insist inbreeding and line-breeding amplify Golden Retriever health problems. This is why Liberty Run Golden Retrievers refuses to inbreed or line-breed, nor do we use dogs that are products of those breeding techniques in our breeding program.

Unfortunately, some folks don’t bother to look for it, or maybe they don’t know how.  Visit us, and we’ll show you.

Many beauty pageant breeders are inbreeding or line-breeding their dogs. They believe there’s nothing wrong with the technique. (Hey! It’s a free country, they can do what they like.) We believe they feel maligned by our stance on the issue and the fact that we bring it to light. How do a few of them respond? Malicious and false attacks directed at us.  I guess they live by the motto, “it’s a dog eat dog world.” We prefer to live by the words of Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. “educate, educate, educate.”

agoldenretrieverpuppies-macybDon’t lose sight of the forest for the trees.

What does an age-old idiom about forests and trees have to do with dog breeding?  Our concern is too much attention can be focused by some breeders on SAS, OFA, and CERF clearances. They miss the forest because of the trees – they forget about an equally, if not more important, topic: temperament. Have you heard of a temperament clearance or certification? Other than what we do at Liberty Run, we haven’t seen any special attention paid to temperament. When we announce litters, we have a rating system for parents of our puppies.

Think about this. A breeder spends thousands of dollars to get all four health clearances. That’s money well spent of course.  But what if the dog’s behavior isn’t the best?  Most breeders are expert dog trainers. They can make a dog behave any way they want by training it, so when you see it, it appears to be a well-behaved dog.

Is a dog that requires professional behavior modification really a good candidate to breed? With thousands of dollars spent on clearances, most breeders use cleared dogs for breeding even if those dogs required professional behavior modification. Is there any wonder why so many Goldens are high-strung or challenging to train, today?  And why they’re not too bright? We believe not enough attention is paid to behavior.  And of course, every breeder believes passionately his Golden is perfect. If that’s true, why are good ones so tough to find?

a-agoldenretrieverpuppygirl2Here’s what we do at Liberty Run, instead. We first examine a dog’s natural behavior and intelligence over the course of years. (We do not “train” him or her to “behave.”) We want to see how calm and intelligent he is naturally. Why? Because as the theory goes, naturally obedient males bred to naturally obedient females will produce naturally obedient puppies. Male dogs requiring professional behavior modification bred to females who require professional behavior modifications are not going to produce sound, calm, and intelligent puppies.

Most people looking for a puppy aren’t professional dog trainers. They don’t need a behavioral problem that takes the form of a Golden Retriever. To ensure we’re breeding the best possible companion Goldens, Liberty Run only breeds parents that are naturally obedient. If one of our dogs passes all the certifications – OFA, CERF, and SAS – but we don’t like the way it behaves as a mature adult, we take the hit. We do not breed him or her. We feel it’s bad for the breed. Bad for you. And bad for our program in the long run.

We think, based on our track record and feedback from families, that our methodology works. Check out what families who have our puppies say on Facebook. They post lots of updates about us on the Liberty Run Family Group page. A few of the most recent posts from that Group Page are automatically posted in the closest column to the right. If you’re a FB user, follow this link to the actual page so you can see it in its entirety.

Vana Captures 1st Place!

Golden_Retriever-breeders-Pat-VanaVana, pictured at left with her handler and trial secretary, earned her obedience title by taking First Place in two separate competitions. And, she competed against 60 other dogs.

The breeders here at Liberty Run strive to breed Golden Retriever puppies that are easy to train, calm, and healthy, just like Vana.

Congratulations Vana!

Twenty years ago when we began Liberty Run, we could have started our endeavor with “beauty pageant” Goldens (those are the ones with “Champion” in their title).  Or “hunting” Goldens.  They have their own titles, too.  Our research found beauty pageant pups were plagued with weaker health – both mentally and physically.  Hunting doggies were a bit too energetic for our taste.Harley-golden_retriever_puppies

Instead, we began our breeding program all those years ago with Goldens that came from kennels specializing in obedience.  Yes, there are “obedience” titles too, and you can earn them with your Golden.  It’s the type of title that Vana earned.  Our Harley did, too.  That’s Harley at right.

Puppy Socialization At Liberty Run

Kelly-Golden-Retriever_breedersWe here at Liberty Run Goldens begin puppy socialization of our Golden Retrievers from day one of a puppy’s life. Many children, like Kelly pictured at left, play an integral role in each puppy’s development. They play with our puppies, hold them, and care for them every day.

little-golden-retriever-puppyYou could say they are our “secret weapon” here! We believe surrounding our puppies with responsible young folks, as well as access to 250 acres and four spring-fed ponds, produces a sound and happy puppy. It also provides hours of fun for the kids, too.

Properly socialized puppies grow up to be your best buddies.


Our Mission Statement

first-place-Golden_Retriever-breedersBecause you’re visiting our site, you will probably agree with us that Golden Retrievers are one of the prettiest breeds of dogs.

It’s generally accepted that Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl. They have a highly developed scenting ability and possess great intelligence which makes them easy to train. Because of their calm, gentle, and loyal nature, a Golden Retriever puppy from Liberty Run makes an ideal family companion.

Patrick back in 1994 holding Harley (lightest puppy) and his litter mates.  This was our first litter.  Harley went on to sire many litters.  He passed away at 14 yrs of age.  He was a great doggy and is truly missed.

Patrick back in 1994 holding Harley (lightest puppy) and his litter mates. This was our first litter. Harley went on to sire many litters. He passed away at 14 yrs of age. He was a great doggy and is truly missed.

It is our breeding objective to produce intelligent, calm, and healthy Golden Retrievers – ones that are easy for you to train, great to have as companions, and healthy. This is how the breed is supposed to be! To accomplish this, we breed only healthy and obedient adult Golden Retrievers, like Vana above, who earn obedience titles, not beauty pageant or hunting titles. Our moms and dads have their OFA, CERF, and SAS clearances. Original documents are here for you to view, and we provide copies of these to you when you purchase a puppy from Liberty Run.

We at Liberty Run Goldens do not inbreed or line-breed our dogs. Those techniques may produce a pretty dog, but we feel they weaken dogs mentally. And we believe those breeding techniques have led to all the health problems associated with Goldens, today.


Ike as a puppy. Thank you, Paula, for the picture! We love it.

A Golden Retriever puppy from Liberty Run grows to be dog that is smart as a whip, loaded with personality, and calm. Yet it will not sleep through the arrival of an unannounced visitor to your home! Many proud owners of our puppies tell us that their puppy is like an extra set of eyes and ears – always alert. If you’re looking for a healthy and intelligent companion dog, contact us at Liberty Run Goldens. We look forward to hearing from you.

Check out what families who have our puppies say on Facebook.  They post lots of updates about us on the Liberty Run Family Group page.  A few of the most recent posts from that Group Page are posted in the closest column to the right.  If you’re a FB user, follow this link to the actual page.