How to Reserve a Golden Retriever Puppy from Liberty Run

a-aspen-skip-goldenretrieverpuppiesThank you for your interest in how to reserve a Golden Retriever puppy from us at Liberty Run.

How do you reserve a puppy from us? Thanks for asking! Please know we don’t keep waiting lists or take deposits for puppies before they’re born. We don’t know how to reserve something that doesn’t exist yet, and we’re not anxious to take your money.

We have been using the following process for over twenty years, and it has never failed. It’s designed to help you get the exact puppy you’re looking for. Here’s how it works:

  • amomma-golden-retriever-nursing-puppiesContact us by phone.  We’ll let you know when our next litter is due to arrive. Although we don’t keep a waiting list, you’re welcome to call or write anytime to check in and ask for an update, especially as we get close to a due-date.
  • We do not take deposits before the puppies are born here at Liberty Run because we are not anxious to take your money and we don’t know how to reserve something that doesn’t exist (yet).
  • Once puppies arrive, reservations are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis and are secured by your non-refundable deposit. We generally begin accepting deposits 48 hours after puppies are born.  If you’ve been calling, we’ll know, and you’ll be able to reserve a “high” pick, like first pick male or female before the general public knows about the litter.
  • About four days after puppies are born, we announce the litter on our Current Litter Page to the general public.
  • We do not accept more deposits than there are puppies.
  • When you leave a deposit, you’re encouraged to visit as often as you like (please call us to schedule your visit-time). By visiting, you’ll get to know each of the babies in the litter.
  • aSnickers-n-Barkley-baby-boysWhen pups turn five weeks, they’re vet-checked & micro-chipped.
  • Once pups are six weeks of age, you pick your Liberty Run puppy in the order your deposit was received. For example, if you place the first deposit on a male puppy, you would be the first to select a baby boy from our litter. Second deposit selects the second pick… and so on and so forth.  We provide you the puppy’s micro-chip number of the puppy you selected, so there’s no mistaking which puppy is yours.
  • If you visited regularly, like we encourage you to do, then when it comes time to pick your puppy, you make the decision based on information you collected over six weeks. The decision is not just a “shot in the dark”. If you’re not able to visit — and not everyone can — then Caroline, our resident “puppy whisperer,” will be glad to help help.
  • Simba - a Golden Retriever Puppy from Liberty RunYou pick your puppy!  If you need our perspective or input, we’ll gladly chime in.
  • By Maryland law, puppies leave our farm when they turn 8 weeks of age.
  • If you are interested in a Liberty Run puppy, but none are available, don’t be discouraged. Please telephone us and we will let you know when our next litter is expected.  Upcoming Litter information is also posted to our Upcoming Litter Page.

 Kelly-Golden-Retriever_breedersYour Liberty Run Golden Retriever Puppy is…

  • Covered by a full, one-year guarantee, in writing.
  • Permanently identified by a microchip.
  • Not inbred or line-bred.
  • Expertly socialized and ready to go home and bond with you.
  • Started on house-breaking.
  • Current on Parvo/Distemper immunizations & wormings.
  • Encouraged to take advantage of a special offer. We will provide the full series of puppy boosters at no charge. However, it is your responsibility to visit Liberty Run to take advantage of this offer. (For proper immunization, puppies should have boosters every three weeks until they are four months of age.)


aPatton-golden-retriever-puppies-for-saleWith your Golden Retriever puppy, you also receive…

  • Copies of mom and dad’s OFA, CERF, and SAS clearances.
  • A photo of mom and dad.
  • AKC (American Kennel Club) registration papers.
  • A four generation pedigree of your pure-bred golden retriever puppy.
  • A Health Certificate which shows dates of immunizations your puppy has received and dates of future boosters and wormings that are recommended.
  • Feeding instructions.
  • A general care overview.
  • Crate training instructions.

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