A Brief Blurb About The Breeders at Liberty Run

What kind of person breeds Golden Retrievers, you ask?  Well, that’s an interesting question. We do.

The breeders here at Liberty Run Golden Retrievers are Suzanne and Patrick.


Suzanne hates having her picture taken. Getting her to hold still for the camera just doesn’t happen.

Suzanne grew up with dogs all her life.  She can still remember the birthdays of each one she’s ever had (and she’s pretty faithful about reminding Patrick of the dates every year).  To her, they are members of her family.  Of course, she spoils them beyond belief.  But that’s OK because they spoiled her too.

Suzanne attended the University of Maryland at College Park.  As an undergraduate student, she was a member of Alpha Zeta – an honorary service fraternity for men & women pursuing a career in agriculture.  When a junior, she was elected as the fraternity’s vice president.  She was elected to serve as President her senior year.

During her tenure at Maryland, Suzanne worked as a veterinary technician at College Park Animal Hospital.  (She loved it there so much, she worked part time for another three years after earning her degree.)

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, she worked for 6 years doing Toxicology Research on pharmaceuticals, specializing in Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology.

Since December 2000, Suzanne has been a full-time mom to her children.  She home-schools all five. She teaches High School Biology and Chemistry in local home-school co-ops.  In her spare time, she manages the family’s farm, which includes operations of our Golden Retriever kennel, horses, cattle, and chickens.  She also enjoys researching and learning how to improve the life of our family & animals through more natural choices for nutrition and holistic medicine.


Patrick & Vana along with AKC Club Secretary, 1995.

Patrick has been involved in the breeding of dogs, cats, cattle, and horses since he can remember.  It’s something his family’s been doing all his life.

Patrick graduated from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA, where he studied Biology and Psychology.  He was blessed to have been able to attend school thanks to an ROTC Scholarship.  After graduation, he served as an officer in the US Army, and then transferred to the Maryland National Guard.

During the late 80’s, Patrick was an awful yuppie in DC. Fortunately, the country kept calling, and in time the calls grew loud enough.  He gave yuppiedom up and moved to his family’s new farm near Taylorsville. There he managed the family’s 120-run dog kennel, a national and international pet transportation services company, a herding-dog breeding program, a dog-training club, a staff of 20, a herd of cattle, a slew of horses, and a small fleet of farm vehicles.  During this time, he was also a professional dog trainer.

Eager to branch out on his own, Patrick purchased his own farm in 1994.  He did this because he wanted a place to raise and train Golden Retrievers – his favorite breed of dog.  From day one, the mission was clear and consistent: produce calm, intelligent, and healthy Golden Retrievers – ones that make great service dogs and family companions.

Patrick serves as a coach and assistant program director for a travel fast-pitch softball organization for girls ages 8-18.  Both he and Suzanne (and the kids) are very involved in their church.

From time to time, we do have Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Maryland, VA, and Washington DC.

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