We are located in Sykesville, MD — 30 minutes from Baltimore, Maryland, and about an hour from Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Phone: 410 549 2911 (9:00am-8:00pm EST)

Thank you for visiting us here at Liberty Run On-line.  We are breeders of calm, intelligent, and healthy Golden Retrievers which make great companions!  We offer Golden Retriever Puppies and Golden Retriever Stud Services.    

Upcoming Golden Retriever Litter Information

UPDATE AS OF March 7, 2014:  Liberty Run’s Sugar Cookie gave birth to her babies on January 31st. 

Please see Cookie’s Litter Page  for details about the breeding.  We are now accepting deposits for the babies.   They will be ready to go when they turn eight weeks of age on March 28, 2014. 

These puppies are the sixth generation from our first breeding pair shown in the family portrait (Vana, baby puppy and Harley, at right). The track record behind the breeding is tremendous.  Older relatives are healthy, intelligent, and calm.  Catch up with their families on our Facebook page (link below).   Based on the track record established, we know babies from Cookie and Scout’s litter will make exceptional companions.   


See unsolicited testimonials from people who have our puppies on Facebook (you don’t need an account on Facebook to view the pages).  Please visit our Facebook Page,  facebook.com/libertyrun, and the Liberty Run Puppy Owners Group page, facebook.com/groups/LibertyRunGoldenRetrievers/.    We love it when families post pup-dates and pictures on our FaceBook pages. 

Our Golden Retriever babies make exceptional family companions — ones that are intelligent, devoted and healthy.  When you visit, you can see first-hand the exceptional temperament and health of our Goldens. 

CLICK HERE  for information about reserving a Liberty Run puppy.

Please call us, 410-549-2911.  We’re always glad to hear from ya.  The best way to reach us is by phone.    Please note we own and operate a small, working farm.  Some people may not realize it, but farms are fairly dangerous.  Our number one priority is safety of our kids, visitors, dogs, cattle, horses, and chickens.  Phone, email, internet, etc. come second.  We apologize in advance when we can’t take your call immediately.  Calls are important, but we do have to prioritize.  


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